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The benefit of milk
The benefit
of milk
The benefits of milk

The cow`s milk collected from farms is transformed into a dairy where it is processed to produce various dairy products. Thus milk, yogurt and cheese you get. Milk is an essential part of our diet for all ages.

Milk contains:
Proteins to build and strengthen muscles
Calcium for strong bones and teeth
Sugar: source of energy in the human body
Lipids (or fat) needed to make the brain work well
Vitamins A & B to grow and be healthy
During our life, our body renew between 4 and 5 times our skeleton. For this, we daily need to consume dairy products. They are a great source of calcium that the body needs to maintain our bone mass.
During our childhood, we eat yogurt to build strong bones
In the adolescence calcium is needed to grow properly
At the adult age, our skeleton has reached its final size, we now maintain it
Older people lose bone mass, so they must consume more dairy products
To cover the daily requirement of calcium, it is recommended to consume 3-4 dairy products per day.


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Three dairy products a day:

Consuming three dairy products a day can contribute to intakes of calcium, an essential mineral for the construction and structure of the bone.
Candia, the benefits of milk at any age